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Our digital badge services are characterised by high quality standards.

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The digital credential programme is innovative for the labour market that seeks to support the skills of professionals.

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Our platform has technological supports that guarantee a correct functioning as well as an easy use.

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We want our services to be at the forefront so we are always improving and updating the experience we offer.

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We have created a whole experience for professionals who want to verify their skills and track achievements with Insignium.

Why use a digital credential platform?

The labour market and its demands are moving as fast as technology itself, so solutions like the ones we offer make it easier for professionals and organisations to validate skills.

Don't fall behind and keep track of your achievements and skills with insignium.

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Keep track of your skills and achievements,
you have control of your badges

Download badges that support your skills
and use them to embellish your documents and social networks.

Redirect people and organizations to your profile
to facilitate validation and selection processes.

Trusted by over

20,000 Professionals

We are trusted by many professionals around the world who manage their skills and achievements through our digital credentialing programme.

Nick Scott
2 day ago

"Insignium offers me a simple and reliable way to support my learning, it has been very helpful in finding opportunities."

Jenna Tate
1 week ago

"Its platform is very intuitive and easy to use, it really makes professional life easier. "

Charles Woods
2 weeks ago

"Great service to validate and manage the knowledge of professional prospects for my company. "


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